About The Hub

We are the leading business support hub in Niagara. Creativity is best found in open, positive, collaborative spaces – and we provide one of the best! The Niagara Falls Innovation Hub is home to over 100 businesses that have impacted Niagara’s economy through growth, innovation and job creation. Located at 4551 Zimmerman Ave, Niagara Falls, ON we provide an accessible, all-encompassing collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to access premium amenities, business tools, networking events, and an abundance of workspace equipped with tech and IT resources. We help business owners at every stage of their journey, whether to overcome challenges or plan their next stage of development. Business coaching is a tailored, hands-on experience offered by members of our team or experts within our in-house roster. 

Business Support in Niagara

For generations, the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, has been a global brand for business built on an economic foundation anchored by tourism, manufacturing, and knowledge-based sectors. Today, Niagara’s entrepreneurs have never been more determined to disrupt these industries with emerging technologies while adapting to the demands of the global marketplace. We believe that by offering the most affordable environment to grow, businesses can better position themselves to succeed in today’s economy.

Our Mission

To create an affordable, all-encompassing, collaborative workspace that provides tailored programming, tech resources, piloting and validation opportunities, and expertise to assist businesses in Niagara to grow, scale, create jobs and diversify the economy.

A man holding a book and smiling while a woman seated beside him moves a chess piece
Five student interns talking in a group at a networking event

Our Vision

To be an impactful resource for the community of Niagara Falls and beyond. To promote and empower individuals who are, or who aspire to become an entrepreneur, while providing opportunities for them to learn and engage with the latest technologies, participate in skill development workshops and programs, and bring their ideas to life.

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