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Join the most affordable hub serving the entire Niagara Region with memberships starting at $60 (+HST). The Niagara Falls Innovation Hub offers a variety of memberships to suit your individual needs as a business owner. Our plans offer the most affordable environment to grow allowing entrepreneurs to better position themselves to succeed in today’s economy. Membership perks and benefits include access to our ecosystem network, professional business coaches, fiber Wi-Fi, and fully equipped meeting spaces as well as numerous amenities and resources.

From a virtual membership that provides you with a business mailing address to a furnished private office, we have something for every stage of growth.

A man in an office looking up while working at a laptop

Private Office

A fully furnished private room with a locking door and plenty of room to make it your own.

Two cubicles sharing a retaining wall with a white office chair in front of each


A reserved semi-enclosed work space in our common area allowing for more privacy and focused work.

A man sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with a mural behind him

Designated Desk

A reserved desk space enabling collaboration in a relaxed and open environment.
A man sitting at a laptop and desktop computer screen while wearing headphones

Hot Desk

An undesignated work space in our common area for you and your team.

Assorted tables and chairs in an office space with a walking treadmill in the corner

Day Rental

A drop-in day solution for quick access to an office environment.

A man standing in a taped-off area wearing a VR headset


Want to be part of our eco-system? Make the Niagara Falls Innovation Hub your business mailing address.

Become a Niagara Falls Innovation Hub member today!

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