Magnificent Vision Board Experience

Join the makers in celebrating the start of an extraordinary New Year at Magnificent Women’s Market! Prepare to envision and craft a fantastic year ahead filled with creativity and joy.


1:00 PM Magnificent Vision Board Experience

1:00 PM – 1:15 PM – Welcome to Our Space!


Introducing Be Whimsi Art Loft, an innovative venture founded by Rhiannon Barry, the creative force behind MWM. Rhiannon is an accomplished artist specializing in positional canvas art, crafting captivating pieces that captivate the eye and imagination. Beyond her artistic prowess, she is a developer and facilitator of creative therapeutic recommendations through workshops and activities, fostering a space where art becomes a medium for healing and self-expression. Join Rhiannon at Be Whimsi Art Loft for an immersive experience combining artistry, creativity, and therapeutic exploration.


¬†Meet¬†Sharon Corcoran, the visionary founder behind Magnificent Women’s Market and the driving force behind Sharon Corcoran¬†Corks & Bubbles Bath and Body. Sharon’s brand epitomizes artisanal craftsmanship fused with natural purity, offering meticulously handcrafted cold process soaps that embody eco-consciousness and the essence of nature’s goodness. With a dedication to quality and sustainability, Sharon’s creations invite you to experience the luxurious fusion of artistry and natural elements. Join Sharon at Magnificent Women’s Market for a sensory exploration into her meticulously curated collection, where each product embodies her passion for crafting exceptional bath and body indulgences.


¬†Introducing¬†Zeynep Ozbek, the visionary founder behind¬†Masq Mercantile, a haven for handmade leather goods ranging from bags, purses, wallets, and cardholders to bracelets, backpacks, sunglasses cases, and more at MWM! Zeynep’s passion and expertise in crafting exquisite leather products define Masq Mercantile’s essence. Each piece embodies artistry and meticulous craftsmanship, reflecting Zeynep’s dedication to quality and style. Join Masq Mercantile to discover a world of unparalleled leather creations curated by Zeynep’s unwavering commitment to timeless elegance and functionality.


¬†Meet¬†Victoria Havasi, a passionate Yoga Therapist dedicated to guiding transformative experiences through individual and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions. At Magnificent Women’s Market (MWM) and beyond,¬†AUMthenticus¬†fosters a nurturing, empathetic space where individuals embark on journeys of self-discovery. With her unwavering support and unconditional positive regard, she skillfully leads clients toward deeper self-awareness, unravelling innate preferences, characteristics, and behaviours. Her sessions empower clients to explore boundaries, comprehend stress responses, and assess their impact on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Victoria’s commitment lies in unveiling the roots of discomfort and disease, enabling clients to make informed choices that elevate their overall wellness.

“We’re thrilled to meet you and introduce ourselves and our space. We can’t wait to discover more about you during our activities!”

1:20 PM Р2:00 PM 

 Part 1: Manifestation and Crafting the First Half of Your Vision Board Prepare for the upcoming year with a 7-minute manifestation meditation led by our resident yoga therapist. Then, let our arts-based recreational therapist assist you in crafting the initial part of your vision board using various art supplies like collage materials, watercolours, paints, scrapbooking items, embellishments, and more.

2:00 PM Р3:00 PM 

Part 2: Setting Self-Care Goals and Crafting¬†Engage in a self-care and self-worth-focused session with our therapeutic recreational-based artist. Choose items to add to the second half of your vision board using our assortment of arts and crafts supplies. By the end, you’ll have a display-ready piece that’ll serve as a year-round inspiration. Sharon, our empowerment coach, will lend support in prioritizing goals and offer insights on turning achievable goals into reality.

3:00 PM Р4:00 PM 

¬†5-Minute Hand Massages & Private Shopping Event¬†Enjoy a relaxing mini oil hand massage offered by Victoria while you await your slot. Take advantage of a private shopping experience with five local women artisans, perfect for finding that final holiday gift. It’s also an excellent opportunity to put the finishing touches on your vision board.

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Dec 17 2023


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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