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Who we are

Customer.io is a messaging platform that allows marketers to take an idea and turn it into a powerful automated message campaign. The world never stops growing and changing, and neither should your data. Our powerful logic based tools help you capture every edge case and connect to the real people in your audience. Built for flexibility, designed for usability, and affordable for everyone.

How we got started

There are a hundred tools to see customer behaviours, but data is only as useful as what you can do with it. Customer.io was founded to fill the gap and help you act on your data to turn customer intent into conversion all in one place. By consolidating analytics and messaging we do the work so your team can better connect with your audience without needing a team of engineers.

What you can achieve

An understanding of where and how you can improve your message strategy. Building logical campaigns, looking at trends, and recognizing reactions will ultimately create a better customer experience.

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