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GlobalTek Security has built a compelling reputation in both the home and business security market. We’re prominent not only in Canada, but also the United States. GlobalTek’s personnel prides itself as “security people” first, and salespeople second. And we never hire pressure-driven commission-only associates. We believe that a salaried staff creates a “consultant-driven environment” as opposed to a “sales-driven environment.” This way, we can focus on learning about your security requirements, as opposed to simply “pushing for your signature.”

High monthly rates, long-term contracts, non-standard alarm equipment, unclear warranty packages, pushy salespeople… these industry practices are indicative of commission-only sales contractors, “authorized dealers” and large corporate behemoths.

You don’t want to be with a company so large that you’re just a number, nor a company so small that they don’t have the infrastructure to properly service you. And particularly, if you come across an “authorized dealer” in your alarm pursuits, you should avoid them.

“Authorized Dealers” are small (sometimes even single person) entities that sell off your account to the company that they represent, but they themselves are not employed by. They are like brokering agents, only they are completely unbeholden to you once they sign you up. And not only is there always a contract with signing with a “dealer”, there is additional costs too since you’re now adding another “agent” who wants to be paid for its brokering services. So, if its a corporate conglomerate (who tend to use these “dealers” in the first place) you’re seeking for security and you don’t mind paying more because of that, certainly call these companies; but call them direct. Don’t add unneeded costs by adding unnecessary “dealers” to the proceedings.

Here at GlobalTek, we’re all about full disclosure. We believe in telling you not only what we can offer, but also what (and who) to avoid when shopping the market. We endeavour to give you the proper tools and industry knowledge so that you can decide for yourself what is your best security options, whether GlobalTek is your final choice or not. Although we do hope to earn your business!

GlobalTek uses the latest equipment and newest technologies with access to the best web portals, phone apps and industry tools, to ensure that not only you have the latest in what home and business security has to offer, but also the best prices.

As a mid-size security company, without the high prices or extended alarm contracts, we have all the benefits of a large conglomerate:

– On-site Administration;

– Full-time CANASA-certified technicians;

– 24-hour Tech Support (an industry first).

We also like to think that we offer all the service, charm, and availability of a small town “Mom & Pop” business as well. But don’t take our word for it, call us! We’d love to hear from you, even if it’s just to have a conversation. We’ll lay out all your options, and you can decide for yourself, your best solution.

Just remember, at GlobalTek you’ll always get the best price and the latest equipment. So call us today!

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