KnowQuest was born when a Ryerson University Professor (Dr. Agostino Menna PhD) and graduate student (Mr. Rahi Tajzadeh CMC MScM) put their heads together to find opportunities in higher education to add value to students. Working together, and getting input from students and professors from across Canada, they recognized that there is a large gap in higher education that costs publishers billions in lost savings, and professors hours of time: Academic Feedback.
Students and Professors did not have a third-party, unbiased platform to give their feedback on textbooks, resources, classes, online learning experience and school. Dr. Menna and Mr. Tajzadeh, along with their amazing team of talented professionals, designed KnowQuest to meet the needs of students and professors thanks to more than 25 projects and 100 interactions with students via the Riipen.com platform! .

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